Colleen Mauer Multi-Triangle Earrings

Multi-Color triangle earrings. Handmade with love in NY. 


Sterling Silver and 14K gold filled 

1.3/4" L x 3/4" W


"With a BS in Industrial Design from Virginia Tech College of Architecture under my belt, and my first design job at a small furniture company on the horizon, I headed west for California. Everything was going according to plan—so I was surprised when my intuition began to nudge me in a totally different direction." 

"Flash forward seventeen years, and jewelry design is the center around which my inspiration spins. Texture, color, sound, and the natural world are my tools for transforming simple materials into cohesive, elegant collections. My design aesthetic celebrates clean geometries and effortless angles, and I love creating collections that complement any style—from casual and everyday, to chic and timeless. One of my greatest joys is the transformation of an idea in my head into a piece that becomes part of someone’s everyday look."

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