European Culture Caruso Pant

These beautifully tailored pants are cropped and ready for boot season. Complete the look with our European Culture Bocelli top. 


56% Viscose 26% Polyamide Nylon 9% Metallic Polyester 5% Cotton 4% Elastane         

European Culture is a unique reality of its kind, a definite design, never seen before. It is special in the use of raw materials and continuous experimentation. European Culture uses  eco-friendly natural textiles to create garments while working with manufacturers, even before being dyed in the desired colour. They tailor a mixture of city-wear, bon-ton, military and athletic wear details giving life to each style. 

Their mission is to continue to manufacture garments that have never existed before, with incomparable comfort standards and incredible quality. 

Passion for research and innovation give birth to European Culture collections: new materials and new trends for unique solutions dedicated to metropolitan artists and athletes from around the world.

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