ARTICLE22 Virtuous Full Circle Necklace

A virtuous circle is infinite positivity. The Virtuous Circle Necklace transforms bad karma into good karma and brings our story full circle. Bracelet also available.

With wear, each piece becomes uniquely yours and will acquire a polished patina from the natural oils of your skin.

1.3cm Peacebomb Aluminum Donut
17" Sterling Silver Chain

PEACEBOMB is jewelry handcrafted by traditional Laotian artisans from Vietnam War shrapnel and other debris. A virtuous circle, each piece helps MAG (Mines Advisory Group) clear unexploded ordnance, making land safe and providing new metal to artisans to craft more original favorite and new designs. The brand has been recognized as pioneering not only the transformation of weapons into jewelry but also the tangible value of fashion that looks and does good. It is a movement of reconciliation, transformation, and hope that is expressed through ARTICLE22 jewelry, worn and shared across the globe. 

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